is Hyper-Local and Private, Part 1

Thanks to Steve Puma at BrightPuma for the blog post and the opportunity for our founder to answer some of his questions about our product and offerring.  Below is an excerpt from Steve’s post, which can also be read in full here.

“While social media has generally been a force for good in our lives, especially for those getting the word out about sustainability, there has also been a downside: information overload. Sites like MySpace and Facebook try to be everything to everyone, and, in the process, leave us overwhelmed with a mountain of work to sift through that which is meaningful and relevant from that which is, well, frankly, meaningless drivel founder and CEO Tim Reeth hopes to change all that, at least as far as managing the communications you have with your genuine network of friends, family and neighbors.

>>Continue reading Steve’s post here.


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